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How We Started:

Over the last several years with my son getting to an age where hockey opportunities during the off-season were available, I found myself hearing and asking, what about the rest of the players? What about developing our own players? After conversations with others in the area and finding the AAA interest level was extremely high, the Pokegama Factory Hockey program was born and established in 2021. 


Our Name:

Pokegama Lake is located in the heart of Grand Rapids, MN. This community is truly the "Factory" that has built and developed great hockey players for decades.  Each area in the State of Hockey has their unique environment to help build and develop players but for us, Pokegama lake is it and it was a perfect fit for us to name our program after. So as today in AAA Hockey you have programs like the Minnesota Made, The Blades, The Machine and even Hometown Hockey, now we would like to Introduce the State of hockey to “THE FACTORY” the POKEGAMA Factory!


The Factory Focus:

Help create a fun yet competitive environment where we hope to increase the passion and success for each player and family. 


Simple asks of our players:

  • Have Fun

  • Give 100% Effort

  • Keep a Great Attitude

  • Play Unselfishly

  • Compete Every Shift

  • Fill the Net!


We look forward to many more years of developing passion for great Northern Minnesota hockey!


Sean Colter

Pokegama Factory Hockey


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